Elder Focus® Magazine

We are Proud to Present Elder Focus® Magazine

Take a look at our new publication!  Read through Elder Focus® Magazine and you’ll see why many people are calling it a “book.”  It has a LOT of important content in it.  We call it a “magazine,” but it’s really much more than that.  It’s an educational tool that provides people with a lot of guidance.

Our attorney, Jim Ward, wrote about 98% of the Elder Focus® Magazine content.  It was written using years of personal experience and education as well as the knowledge accumulated from hundreds of other attorneys, and thousands of our clients.  Yes, we continually learn from our clients when we review their old documents, hear the stories about their families, work out unique solutions for them, and sense their frustration when they realize that their old documents done by someone else won’t meet their real needs.

You’ll see that our Elder Focus® Magazine takes readers through the basics, and some advanced ideas, and it does so with several client stories to keep the reader entertained and make the concepts more relatable.  We want you to see how things work, or don’t work, or sometimes even miserably fail, in real life with real families that have come in for our guidance.  We want you and your family to be prepared with the proper documents to take care of you and protect your estate, whether that is when you are incapacitated or after you have passed. To do this, it’s important to educate you on how estate planning works, and how it can help in your particular circumstances.

We’ve already received some amazing feedback from clients.  Within the first week of starting the distribution of our Elder Focus® Magazine, we had a new client come in with her copy of the magazine that she had thoroughly underlined and highlighted the night before our meeting.  She already knew how important it was to do some planning but just didn’t know how to get started.  Her partner of 45 years had Parkinson’s and was heading downhill fast and entering the early stages of dementia.  In her words, she said, “An Angel left this for me to find at the neurologist’s office yesterday, and it has saved our lives.  I simply didn’t know where to turn until this magazine fell into my hands and saved us.”

She absolutely knew that they needed help and guidance, and reading the Elder Focus® Magazine helped shine some light on what the couple needed to do before it was too late.  Now, they can both sleep well knowing that they have the proper documents in place and are prepared for whatever may happen next.

We encourage you to read, learn, and begin the process of planning so that your family is prepared.  Here’s how:

  • Pick up a hard copy of the Elder Focus® Magazine at one of the many hospitals, nursing homes, and senior centers in Santa Clara County, or
  • Call us at 408-847-4800 to arrange pick up of a FREE copy at one of our offices, or
  • Read it online below

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