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Sunnyvale Estate Planning

When you live in Sunnyvale, what happens to your belongings, children, or money after you die? What happens to you if you someday become incapacitated and can’t make medical or financial decisions for yourself? Good question. A professional estate planner can answer that question and many more. Estate planning is the process of deciding who or what goes where after you become incapacitated or pass on. You shouldn’t give the ability to make medical and financial decisions for you to just anyone. In Sunnyvale, hiring an experienced attorney will help save you time and grief, as well as allowing you to make sure that everything is in order before you go. You do not need to be wealthy in order to plan for your estate, although that is what many people think when they think of estate planning. Estate planning is actually for everyone.

Estate Planning-What Does it Include in Sunnyvale?

Estate planning means that every part of your life can be accounted for, including who cares for you child or children after you die, who can make medical care decisions on your behalf, and who your home, vehicle, personal property, or money goes to after your death. Every situation is different. It is crucial that you utilize an estate planning attorney in order to get everything just right. Creating a will is an important part of it, but that is not nearly all that goes into it. After a family member’s death, there is a lot to consider. This is why we recommend planning alongside your family so you and they can feel confident that everything is going to be okay. Again, without a healthcare advanced directive, there would be nobody to say what and how the doctors and other providers can do for you when you need care after becoming incapacitated. Regardless of whether or not you become incapacitated, you will need someone you trust to make financial and property decisions for you. Creating a General Durable Power of Attorney will help you make sure that you get to choose that person and feel secure knowing what’s going to happen in the future. Estate planning in Sunnyvale includes peace of mind.

Estate planning is tedious, especially if you try to do it yourself. Hiring a professional attorney in Sunnyvale can relieve this tedium and streamline the process, making it quicker and much more efficient. It is much easier to draft and comprehend things like Wills, Trusts, and Powers of Attorney, and much more when you have a professional on your side. Every situation is unique and an experienced attorney will explain the merits and benefits of having your assets assigned to the right people without question after your passing. Hiring an estate planner in Sunnyvale is hardly a decision at all! It’s pretty much a no-brainer. We do free consultations, so when you are ready, just give us a call!

What is Sunnyvale Estate Planning?

Commonly Asked Questions about Sunnyvale Estate Planning

Why should I start estate planning if I am single?

If you are single in Sunnyvale, you still have just as many things to consider and plan for after your incapacitation or death than a couple does. You need to know and be comfortable with who will get your possessions, vehicles, or home in Sunnyvale or make medical decisions for you if you just can’t do it anymore. And you can change things around if you ever get married in the future.

My child is a minor-what will happen to him or her when I am gone?

This is a great question, and an important one as well. A trust and a will work together to designate who will care for your child after your death or incapacitation. You get to decide who will do this. If you want to set up an inheritance or trust fund for them to use after they come of age, a trust and will is also needed. It is highly recommended that you do this in order to be sure of the quality of life your child will have should anything happen to you.

How Can I Make Sure My Money Goes To My Charity After I Die?

Whether you want to divide your money up between charities, just give to one, or just designate a certain amount to give to your charity, you have the final say. The power is yours to make these decisions about what happens with your finances-make them at your own discretion.

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We Respect The Needs of Our Clients

One couple or individual may be asked easy to answer questions that may be impossible to answer by another couple without some time to think about it. They may have an adult child to consider. They might want this adult child to know what’s going on and consult with them about things, or they may not want the child to know anything about their situation. Sometimes if a couple has accumulated a large sum of wealth, they may want to keep their plans to themselves until they both have passed on. Again, every case is unique and you can be sure we work well in every case.

This area of law is very personal and each person and every family has their own values, issues, wishes, and story. Everyone has their own intended beneficiaries. Financial and healthcare after incapacitation is different for each person. At our law firm, we understand and respect that. We will counsel you on how you can reach your own goals and those for your heirs in the best way possible.

Mr. Ward knows each client personally because he takes the time to develop thorough understanding of their needs and wishes. We usually do not charge for the initial consultation and we are fully capable of presenting you with basic guidance with no more effort than it takes to make a phone call and we do this often. We would like to invite you to call us today to see if there is anything we can help you with.

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