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Abundant gardens with lavish fountains, large homes or mansions on rolling hills, a Mercedes parked in a stretched out, bending driveway, rich vacation homes; these might be some of the ways you envision estate planning to be. We are here to tell you that estate planning is for practically everyone, not just the affluent. Many people can acquire benefits from the process.

But where does your money go when you’ve passed, and in what ways can you steer clear of the astronomic costs of probate? As far as where your money and assets go, it is entirely dependent on what you’re wanting to do. Keeping away from the fees of probate can be effortless and stress free if you hire a professional estate planning attorney in Rio Del Mar. The huge reasoning for rising probate cases right now is incorrect or indistinguishable documentation. This happens easily and all too routinely when there is no professional involved in the arrangement process…subsequently litigation ensues.

How Does Rio Del Mar Estate Planning Work?

If you are unmarried, or have no children, it is easy to think that estate planning is not required for you; but this just simply isn’t true. If you are unmarried, or if you are married with no kids, you have the exact same amount of considerations to ponder and therefore the same reasoning for estate planning as a couple with kids and grandkids. You will still continue to want to be the one to decide where and how your money and assets go after you pass away, and you will need to have somebody you can trust have the control and legal backing to make every investment or medical option for you if you are unable to produce decisions for yourself. In the occasion that you do become debilitated, having your estate all together correctly and concisely is the sole way to make sure your requests will happen. Likewise, if you want to give to one or a few different charities after you pass away, the sole way to do that is to have it all planned out in the estate planning paperwork. After all of this is planned out, if you do by chance get married or have kids later in life, we can always go back and effortlessly make the needed changes to plan for those situations.

What is Rio Del Mar Estate Planning?

A professional estate planner will help you through a sequence of personal questions that talk about your family, kids, grandkids, beneficiaries, charities, and much more. These questions are to help the professional be concise on what your wants and wishes are in the incident you’re debilitated or pass away. The index of questions will have the estate planner asking questions such as:

  • Is your partner or child disabled?
  • Do you have an underage child or children?
  • Are there any drug or alcohol abuse or rehabilitation that need to be covered?
  • Do you wish to pay for college, and if so, for whom?
  • Is there a well known history of Alzheimer’ s or dementia?
  • Who do you want making medical and financial decisions for you if you do become debilitated?

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Why Using a Professional Rio Del Mar Estate Planner is Important

There are a lot of questions that will be touched on during the estate planning process. Some questions may take you more time to consider compared to another client which may easily be able to answer the same question. Each client is different and works on their own schedule. As a client you may want to keep certain information about your situation, or amount of wealth, hidden from your kids and  your family until after you and your significant other pass away; or, you may want to involve the kids and heirs in the planning process. Every case differs depending on your situation.

Due to the personal nature of the questions, especially concerning money and family, this area of law is extremely unique. Everyone will have their own journey and each family will have their own story, values, and morals. What works for you may not work for your friend or neighbor; there is no universal “perfect way” here. We respect that and work hard to advise our clients thoroughly about the options they have and alternatives for themselves and their beneficiaries.

The Law Office of James A. Ward takes their time to get to know each of their clients on a personal basis so they will fully understand the needs and desires of their clients. In Rio Del Mar, our estate planning provides basic guidance for people even with just a simple phone call, however we also offer completely free consultations in most cases. If you think that there is something we can possibly do for you, or if you have any questions, we would love for you to give us a call.

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