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What is estate planning? That is a great question. One that includes many elements. We would like to explain it all to you as well as answer your questions. Estate planning is the process you need to go through in order to designate who will get your possessions, money, and debts after you die. Some people assume that estate planning is only for the wealthy and that is simply not true. Almost everyone needs to make plans for their estate, no matter what kind of financial status they have. Your personal belongings, your home, your car, life insurance policies, stocks, child care, and much more will be accounted for after you pass on if you hire an experienced attorney in Mountain View.

How Does Saratgoa Estate Planning Work

If you think that estate planning only includes making out a will, as most people do, then we have to say that you (and they) are wrong. There is so much more that goes into it. In order to properly prepare for what will happen if you become incapacitated or die, hiring an estate planning attorney in Mountain View is a must. Planning alongside your family will help you and them to feel secure and content with what will happen after you go, so we usually recommend doing it this way. For instance, if you do become incapacitated, having an Advanced Health Care Directive will ensure that you have someone you trust making your health care decisions for you. In addition to that, granting a General Durable Power of Attorney will give you the power to decide who will handle all of your financial decisions if you become incapable or die. 

Estate planning can be tedious and seem difficult. However, the tedium can be relieved and the process can be simplified for you and go by much quicker if you have an expert to guide you along your way. It is much easier to draft and create Trusts, Wills, Powers of Attorney, and everything else if you have a pro to explain it all to you. They will explain what is the merit and how it is good to have these in your special situation, which is unique to you. If you want there to be no question about who receives your assets, after you have gone, then making the decision to hire an expert estate planner in Mountain View doesn’t really take much decision making at all. We do free consultations, so call us today (or when you’re ready). 

What is Saratoga Estate Planning?

Frequently Asked Estate Planning Questions

Do I really need to plan out my estate if I am single?

The answer is yes. Even though you are not married now, you may be in the future-who knows? And if you never marry, you still have the same amount of decisions to make and things to consider that a married couple does. You should still decide who will get your belongings, assets, or home in Mountain View. Don’t forget that a Durable Power of Attorney is needed for someone you trust to make your health care decisions for you should you become incapacitated. 

What will happen to my minor child when I die or if I can’t make decisions for myself any more?

Designating who gets guardianship of your child in these cases works best when you have a will and a trust working together. When you have these things, you get to decide who this person (or people) will be. It is best to do everything you can to ensure a high quality of life for your child if anything happens to you. You can also decide if you want to set up an inheritance fund or trust for them to use after they come of age. 

How Can I Make Sure My Money Will Go To My Charity After I Die?

Whether you wish to give it all to one specific charity, divide it up between charities, or just set a certain amount to give, it is your decision to make. You have the power of deciding what happens to your finances after you die.

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Why Using a Professional Mountain View Estate Planning Attorney is Important

There may be some questions that you have that are easy to answer. At the same time, these questions may be impossible for another couple or individual to answer; they may not be able to move on until they have thought about it for a while. Sometimes a couple will want to consult with any adult children they have to increase peace of mind and final decision. Other cases may be that a couple doesn’t want their child to know what is going on at all. It’s your choice. Sometimes if a couple has accumulated a lot of wealth over their lifetimes, they may not want to let their children know the extent of their wealth until after they both die. It’s different for everyone.

Estate planning is a very personal and sensitive area of law. Stories, values, wishes, and issues are different for every individual and family and intended beneficiaries. Planning for health care and financial decision making in the event of incapacitation is different for everyone. We understand and respect this. That is why we counsel people on how we can help them achieve goals for their heirs and for themselves in the best way possible. You can rest assured that everything will be okay. 

The reason why Mr. Ward knows all about his client’s wishes is because he takes the time to get to know each client personally, and we think this is great.  Our office usually offers free initial consultations. Most of the time clients will walk away having gotten the basic guidance they needed with nothing but a simple phone call. We would love for you to contact us to see if there is anything we can help you with. Today or tomorrow, the decision is yours and the invitation is on the table.

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