These testimonials or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

From First Call to Medi-Cal Approval = 13 days!

Our dear friend, a woman who helped raise my husband, took a bad fall at age 96 and ended up in the nursing home where the doctors told her that she would never be able to walk or go home without 24 hour a day care.  The nursing home referred me to James Ward, and he immediately made time on his calendar to personally come to the nursing home to meet our friend.  From the day Mr. Ward first met our friend, to the day she was approved by Medi-Cal, it was only 13 calendar days.  Wow!  Unimaginable.  We thank him for his speed and efficiency in completing her legal documents and for lifting such a huge weight and worry from our shoulders.  We now sleep much better knowing that she has Medi-Cal to cover her nursing home expense, and our friend is getting the care she needs.  James Ward was very personal, knowledgeable, and with perfect manners in respect to treating our friend. I would recommend him and his team without any hesitation.

— MM


Are You Going To Go Back to Work At Age 92?

We really appreciate the legal work Jim did for my parents, and for getting them to see the reality of their financial situation at ages 86 and 90. When other members of the family kept trying to get more money from my father, I only had to look at him and remind him of what Jim had asked him: “When you run out of money, are you going to go back to work at age 92?” That was the one thing that Jim said that really stuck in my father’s mind and always brought him back to reality. My parents are much better protected with Jim supporting them.

— JoAnn


Estate Planning Done Right

As a business owner and CPA, I’ve worked with dozens of attorneys. When my family hit a crisis situation, Jim was the only one I knew I could trust to get the estate planning done right to protect me and my family.

— S. J., CPA


True Magic

We found Jim at a very difficult time for us with father having physical ailments and mother starting a mental decline.  Jim worked true magic for us.  He really did.  We thought our mother would never agree to anything, but Jim explained things in simple terms and put everyone at ease.  Miraculously, he even got the annuity company to waive a huge penalty because they hadn’t met accepted standards at the time the annuity was sold to our elderly father.  We’re very grateful for what he has done for us.

— Dave and Becky


Problem Solver

I’ve worked with several attorneys, and Jim is different.  He’s the only attorney I’ve ever met who actually has a heart.  He took the time to listen and figure out a solution to a difficult problem for my family.

— Tim


The One Exception

I’m packing up my records and putting things away after my wife’s death, but I couldn’t do so without saying a big “THANK YOU” FOR BEING THE NICE AND CARING PERSON YOU ARE.  You were not just a resource but a friend helping me through a difficult time.  After 30 years in law enforcement, attorneys were not one of my favorite categories of people I wanted to spend any time with.  You are the one exception.

— LS


Calming Influence

I just want to thank Jim Ward and his staff for their kindness and being very open with me and taking the time to answer all my dumb questions. This was a very stressful time for me with my father in the nursing home, so my mind was not clear sometimes.  THANK YOU again.

— Aaron


Absolute Godsend

I went to Jim after another elder law “expert” told me that there was nothing that could be done to get Medi-Cal coverage for my wife’s stay in the nursing home.  I paid nearly $100,000 before I stumbled upon Jim and he and his wonderful staff got my wife on Medi-Cal in less than one month.  Finding Jim was an absolute godsend for us. I recommend his firm without reservation.

— Gary


Rare Combination

Jim is a one-in-a-million guy who happens to be a lawyer.  A rarer combination you will not meet again.  Client first, followed by best advice, followed by someone who really cares about people.  Follow my best advice and follow Jim’s guidance.

— Lew


Great Service Every Step of the Way

Handling a family member’s affairs can be a daunting and stressful task. My mother is in a skilled nursing facility and had a small home with equity that was worth protecting. More importantly, I wanted to make sure she wouldn’t lose her medical benefits. Jim and his amazing team sat down with me and explained what an Irrevocable Trust was, and how it works legally. Great service every step of the way, and peace of mind that you can’t put a price tag on. I would recommend them to everyone I know.

— Ken


An Invaluable Resource

A little less than a year ago Mr. Ward prepared a suite of legal documents to protect my mom and her small estate.  In the year since, the documents he prepared, coupled with his wise advise and legal guidance, have been an invaluable resource as we navigated the financial, medical and legal issues that have arisen.  Mr. Ward knows elder law inside and out and has been my rock and safe harbor when I needed help and guidance in a world I know nothing about.  It’s wonderful to be able to focus on all the other issues that come up with helping an aging parent and not have to worry about being blindsided with financial or legal issues. The money we paid for his services was well worth the protection my mom enjoys, his wealth of knowledge which he freely shares and my peace of mind.

— Sandi


Truly Fortunate

Jim Ward was highly recommended when my mother was seeking an elder law attorney.  His skill and experience was quickly evident when addressing her legal needs in a professional and compassionate manner.  He continues to immediately respond to any questions or concerns that arise, and we truly feel fortunate to have Jim as mother’s legal representative.

— Kathie


Peace of Mind

Jim was able to help my family when I needed it most.  Jim is effective in his work and gets right to the point and talks at my level. He and his staff were very accommodating and thorough during the entire process.  I have peace of mind that my family will not be burdened with the gauntlet of difficult and overwhelming processes and decisions had I not completed my paperwork.Overall, working with Jim gave me hope for the future.

— Terry


The Extra Mile

I was in a hospital in Southern California near death and I called my best friend in San Jose to ask him to refer me to the best and most honest estate planning attorney that he knew. My friend referred me to Jim Ward; Jim called me immediately and then flew down to Los Angeles to sign all of the legal documents and my family was then protected. He was great.

— Richard


Very Happy!

Thank you so much for all your help, we have been very happy with the care you have taken with our legal matters.

— Susan


Hospitality and Kindness

From the moment we walked into the office Jim Ward and his team were full of hospitality and kindness. It felt as if we were catching up with an old friend. Jim made my father (in his late seventies) feel completely at ease and comfortable providing him with all the answers and a solution to the issues we had.  There was hope! Jim and his team delivered excellent service with an excellent turnaround time. We are very thankful in meeting Jim Ward and his team!

— Ofelia


Wholehearted Recommendation

My experience with Jim Ward was very good. He explained everything to me and made me feel like a real person. Jim is so different than other lawyers; he never spoke down to me or tried to make me feel like he was better than me. I recommend him to everyone!

— Mary


A Miracle Worker

I have known Jim since we were in our 20’s starting out in the title and loan businesses. Not only is Jim a real person, he is more intelligent than anyone I’ve ever met.  Everyone called him a miracle worker when he used to do loans and he has now incorporated that dedication into his law firm.  Anytime I have a question regarding real estate and estate planning he calls me back immediately.  I referred one of my clients, MB, to Jim recently and she was beyond impressed with the way that he treated her.

— LeeAnne


A Breath of Fresh Air

My father died and his estate documents from another attorney were incomplete.  I met with Jim to see what could possibly be done, and how we could distribute the estate.   Jim gave me some advice and even checked with another attorney to get a second opinion for me on something, and then he sent me off on my own to get it done without an attorney.  He listened to all of my questions and concerns, and then he gave me instructions –  and all at no charge!  He’s a great guy.

— Edward


These testimonials or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.


A Caring Lawyer? YES.

Our family attorney of many years referred us to Jim Ward to take care of my grandmother’s estate plan.  I was really pleased that he spent so much time working with her to fully understand what she wanted as far as her care while she’s alive, and how she wants her assets distributed after her death.  He was great with her, and I really appreciated that.  He’s knowledgeable, patient, helpful, and kind.  I’m thankful that we were referred to him.

— Jill


Prompt and Professional

Finding Jim was like a miracle.  When my 93 year old mother was released from the hospital to the nursing home, I was at a complete loss as to what to do about the upcoming costs.  Luckily for our family, we were referred to Jim Ward.  He immediately met with us to discuss our options, and then he went to the nursing facility to meet with my mother.  Within a very short time, he educated us on how the laws and regulations work, what needed to be done in my mother’s case, and then he promptly prepared the documents so that my mother’s assets were protected and would eventually pass to others as she wanted.

— Charles


Alzheimer’s Planning

We contacted Jim when my mother was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s. He was able to step in and immediately tell us what we needed to do to ensure that we had no problems down the road. He was great to work with!

— Margene


Absolute Professionalism

My husband had been on Medi-Cal at a nursing home for over five years before we were referred to Jim Ward by our regular estate planning attorney. Jim worked magic for us. For a fee of less than $10,000, our children will now inherit over $750,000 that otherwise would have gone to the state. We can’t thank him enough for his efforts, guidance, and absolute professionalism.

— Louise


Truly Well Protected

My wife and I commuted 80 miles round trip daily for 30 years.  Seeing bad accidents was so common we knew that we could both be incapacitated or die every day. We went to a reputable attorney (or so we thought…, because it turned out he wasn’t really an attorney) in San Jose and had a Trust drawn up to protect our family.  Fortunately, we survived the commuter years unscathed because James Ward recently uncovered some disturbing deficiencies in the old Trust, including lack of content, un-notarized documents and even unsigned Wills.  We had been grossly misinformed and unprepared! Jim took his time explaining the issues and educating us in plain and easy to understand language. We were then able to make confident, knowledgeable decisions about our new Living Trust so we know our family is truly  well protected.

— Orlando


Thinks Outside the Box

I didn’t want to keep managing the money left to my niece and nephew for the next ten or fifteen years before I’m allowed to give it to them. I had spoken to many other attorneys and financial planners, but none could come up with a good plan that would allow me to step aside but still protect my sister’s kids. Within one minute, Jim came up with an easy solution that works perfectly for meeting all of the obligations of taking care of my niece and nephew. Unlike the others, Jim knows how to think outside the box.

— Barbara


Tailored Trust

Jim was marvelous to work with. His tax knowledge literally saved us thousands and thousands of dollars within the first ten minutes of our meeting. He really listens and understands seniors. He was very good at understanding our special family needs and tailoring the trust to our wishes.

— Betty


Personalized Service

I’m a single parent with one child. I paid a lot for my first trust, but it wasn’t until I met with Jim that I realized that my old trust wasn’t a custom document that considered the age of my son and his educational needs. Jim took the time to discuss the different issues and options, and I ended up with a much more complete document that will properly provide for my son in a measured way if I happen to die while my son is still in his teens or 20s. It’s clear to me now that giving my son access to a few million dollars before his 21st birthday would not have been a good idea. Jim had the knowledge basis to be able to walk me through several different scenarios and the options I could take. It was great.

— Art


So Thankful

When my husband fell and had to go to a nursing home, we were referred to Jim Ward and he worked fast to set up the proper legal documents to protect our family assets. Three years later we are still calling him regularly for questions and support which he gladly provides at no additional charge. I am so thankful that we found Jim.

— Elizabeth


No-Nonsense Estate Planner

My good friends were remiss in not having their legal affairs in order, so I sent them the following email:  “Jim is a respected no-nonsense Estate Planner.  That is his business.  He protects your assets for your spouse and heirs.  He has an uncanny ability to get straight to the issue and provide real, practical information and solutions. “  ….  It’s true.  He did just that for me.

— Nancy


Last Wishes

As I write this, I am under the care of hospice and not expected to live much longer.  I contacted Jim to review everything and make some changes, and he also promptly cleaned up a problem in my former trust where the attorneys had set themselves up for future income from my trust.  He then created special provisions to protect my trust against any wrongdoers.  I had a bad experience years ago that cost me over $60,000 when my mother signed new documents as she was dying and under heavy medication, so I wanted to make sure that nothing like that could happen with my estate.

— Dana


Anchor in the Storm

We started working with Jim and his office when my wife was diagnosed with early Alzheimer’s. As her condition worsened, and my family started to fall apart, Jim and his staff have been my only anchor to keep things going. Being referred to Jim was one of the best things that really helped us in a financial legal problem.

— David


Always Available

I can’t say enough good things about Jim and his staff. They were kind, patient, and efficient. He prepared an estate plan for my mother, then got her on Medi-Cal, and then continued to work with me to resolve all the other issues that came up. He was always available and even emailed me back once while he was in China on vacation! I’m very grateful to him for all he did. I highly recommend Jim!

— Ruben


Senior Friendly

Being referred to Jim was an absolute godsend for us. He walked us through the estate planning process and has continued to answer my many questions to make sure we properly fund our trust. Jim and his staff are very kind and understanding when it comes to working with seniors.

— Helen


Bang for our Buck

My parents were both in their mid to late 90s when my mother fell again and landed in a nursing home. We saw an advertisement for James Ward a few days later, for estate planning and Medi-Cal eligibility.  We went to his informative presentation and said this is for our parents! I first thought that his fixed fees were a bit high, but I was laughing two weeks later when I realized that I had been to his office, or he had been to see one of my parents at home or the nursing home nearly every day, and it was all included in his original fixed price.  It was a great deal for our family and we got incredible service over and over from Jim.  I can’t thank him enough, Jim is a good guy.  My wife and I have also become his clients and I keep sending him more clients.  He does great work!

— Tom


My Questions Answered

I am a retired engineering company senior management executive and I ask a lot of questions. By the time I finished my new estate plan with Jim, I had a clear and concise understanding of the various documents associated with my trust. Jim took the time to answer every question I had in a timely manner. As such, I felt highly comfortable with the overall plan upon completion.

— Sam


Special Service

I am not my husband’s first wife.  My husband’s main interest in our estate plan was to make sure that I was protected financially and that our estate would be protected against any challenges from other people trying to make changes to his documents or make claims against any of our property.  Jim made several unusual changes in the documents to give me the added protection we wanted, and I am very grateful to him for taking the time and interest to incorporate the special protective language.

— Catherine


To the Point

“I’ve known Jim for many years. I know that he’s good at financial issues and taxes, and that he he has a great mind for loopholes and little rules that seem small to most people but can have a big effect on the final outcome. Like many people, I  got myself into problems with the recent downturn in real estate and investments. I hid my head in the sand for a bit, and then I just called Jim and asked for advice on what to do. He gave me clear advice without any spin or self-interest, and he told me what I had to check out on my own before moving ahead with a plan. Everything worked out just fine. Jim’s very good at knowing how to handle financial and tax problems.”

— David


Answering the Wake-up Call

When my elderly mother-in-law took a fall and went from the hospital to the nursing home, it was a huge wake-up call for us about how unprepared we were for the upcoming expenses or even her death.  The stress was really unbearable and I went through many sleepless nights.  After Jim Ward stepped in to protect her assets and get her qualified for Medi-Cal coverage, we realized that we didn’t have our own affairs in order either.  Jim took care of making sure that we had the proper documents in place for us to care for each other and that we named others as backups.  We probably talked to him daily for at least two weeks as he listened to our concerns and fears —all at no additional charge.  He also worked with us to really simplify our financial lives, which at our age was important.  Jim was a true godsend for us.

— Nancy


Getting Rid of the Unnecessary Stress

“Needing an attorney always involves stress in your life. I was under so much stress that I broke down crying more than once. Each time I called Jim, he was clear and concise — giving me a better understanding of my situation. He knows law and explains it well in layman’s terms. He guided me through each step of the process necessary for my desired outcome. He was a godsend through it all and I can’t thank him enough.”

— Geri



“I’ve known Jim since we were both 4 years old. Success has come to him for two basic reasons: (1) He’s one of the smartest people you’ll ever meet; and (2) he really and truly cares about helping his clients. You don’t need to know anything else about him. Just call him.”

— J.O.


A New Approach

“I had long been under an immense amount of stress, and then I finally blew up at my own attorney – yes, the guy who I was paying to represent me.  I was really just venting my frustration to a co-worker, but I hadn’t successfully ended the cell phone call to my lawyer’s office before I started venting, so my words were captured on the recording at the law office.  The attorney then “fired” me the next day by sending me a disengagement letter and refunding part of my money.  I called Jim and told him how bad I had screwed up, and let him know that I now really needed his help, guidance, and wisdom.

I’ve never met someone like Jim before.  He has the unique ability to pull it all together, simplify what needs to be done, and teach it in a format that’s understandable to someone who isn’t a legal expert.  The other attorney had made it seem so complicated and difficult with so many unknowns and possible reasons why I might have to pay him ten or twenty thousand more in attorney fees.  Jim just got right to the point on what needed to be done and where there were potential difficulties down the road. I appreciate that approach because it allows me to sleep better and spend a lot less on attorney fees.  Jim’s the guy to go to.”

— Tim


These testimonials or endorsements do not constitute a guarantee, warranty, or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

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